How to arrange a small kitchen?

A small kitchen needs a lot of effort to appear tidy, and the challenge lies in arranging it by utilizing all possible spaces and allocating a place for everything used in the kitchen from spices to cooking utensils, taking into account the consistency between the tools used in organizing and storing so that the kitchen looks tidy, and in this article, we will detail the most prominent It can be applied for arranging small kitchens.

Tips for making a small kitchen feel more spacious

It is not possible to change the original kitchen space, but following some tips will help make it appear more spacious and comfortable to the eye. The most prominent of these tips are mentioned:

Choose light colors:

Light colors give room to spaces; Therefore, it is recommended to rely on light colors in a small kitchen, but this does not prevent a dark color wall to give the kitchen more depth.

Providing good lighting:

Good lighting is an important factor in making places more spacious, so you must take care that the kitchen lighting is good and varied; And that is not only lighting from the ceiling, but also installing lighting under the upper cabinets, and some lamps can be added inside the cabinets if the doors are glass.

Add a large mirror:

a large mirror can be installed on one of the empty kitchen walls; Like a wall behind the door, as this can make the kitchen appear more spacious, how not with the mirror reflecting all the space on the opposite side.

Choosing large tiles:

Small tiles can make the kitchen look more narrow, unlike large tiles that give a feeling of spaciousness, this may be unexpected, but seeing lines diverging between the tiles gives the viewer the feeling that the kitchen is spacious.

Ideas for arranging small kitchens

The following are the most prominent ideas that help in arranging small kitchens:

Hanging hooks:

To provide additional storage space, some hooks can be hung on a wall or above the sink, as this method is ideal for hanging some pieces such as wooden cooking tools, and some utensils that occupy a large space inside the cupboard.

Investing a corner of the kitchen:

Cabinets and drawers may not accommodate all the things used in the kitchen, so one corner of the kitchen can be invested as an additional storage space, and it is usually ideal for placing spices in it on rotating trays that accommodate many items and facilitate access to every element.

Hang shelves on the walls:

You can add some shelves on one of the walls vertically, as they do not take up space on the floor, and they also give a large space for storing many things such as coffee, sugar, and salt.

Investing in space behind cupboard doors:

You can invest the inner space of cabinet doors in hanging pot lids. By hanging holders to put the lids on, and it should be noted that this method saves a lot of space inside the cabinets, as the lids usually take up a large space and prevent the pots from being placed inside each other.

The investment of the outer side space of the cabinets:

The side space of the cabinets can be invested if they are not attached to the wall or to another object, by hanging hooks on them to hang some hanging kitchen utensils, such as the grater, strainer, and some ladles.

Arrangement of cabinets and drawers in a small kitchen

How to arrange a small kitchen

As we mentioned earlier, the secret in arranging a small kitchen depends on finding a space for everything in the kitchen while investing all the spaces, and storage depends mainly on drawers and cabinets, so we will list the most important tips that help in arranging cabinets and drawers to ensure the investment of space and the beauty of the shape:

Placing Similar Items in the Same Place:

This rule helps facilitate access to the desired item, it also gives cabinets and drawers an orderly look, in addition to being a successful way to invest all the space; A drawer or cupboard holds lots of spice jars while only a few different items can accommodate each other; As rice, spices and utensils.

Placement of items close to where they are used:

A rule that makes the kitchen tidy and easier to use is to place each item near where it is used in the kitchen; Pots should be placed near the oven, while coffee and tea should be placed near the water source and so on.

Putting the food supplies in similar boxes:

one of the tips that increase the arrangement of the kitchen and the investment of space is to save the supplies in boxes and not to keep them in the bags. As the boxes give the cabinet and drawers an orderly look, they also facilitate access to the required material without taking up much space, and to facilitate the distinction between them, stickers can be added to write the name of each material, such as cinnamon, curry, and other spices.

Use of dividers in drawers:

Organizers and dividers can be used in drawers and cabinets to separate different items such as spoons and knives, or glass dishes and plastic dishes, as their use contributes to good use of space while maintaining an orderly shape that is easy to access any of them.

Putting additional shelves in the cabinets:

Low-shelf cabinets may contain vertical spaces that can be invested by hanging the shelves. For example, when placing cups on one of the cabinet shelves, a large space remains to separate the two shelves, and it can be invested by installing an additional shelf to get more storage space, and the shelves are also necessary for The cabinet is under the sink for arranging cleaning supplies.

Putting hooks to hang cups in cabinets:

The hanging method can be adapted to store cups inside cabinets, by placing some hooks in the sides of the cabinet, and it is worth noting that this method saves space inside the cabinet to store other things such as saucers or more cups.


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