How to paint wooden doors?

How to paint wooden doors?

Wooden doors are exposed with the passage of time and frequent use to damage or change of color or scratches that affect their general appearance, which necessitates that you paint the doors again, as well as, whoever wants to install new doors, he must paint it with one of the famous types of paint. Here, we will learn how to paint wooden doors, the correct method to follow, and the materials needed for that.

How to paint wooden doors?

1- Preparing for the doors painting process

At the beginning and after gathering the necessary materials and auxiliary tools for the painting process, the following must be followed:

Choose the right place for the painting process, which must be clean, away from the source of wind or dirt such as dust and dirt, and be well ventilated at the same time.

Cover the floor of the room with pieces of unused clothing or fabric or some unimportant paper. It is sufficient to cover around the place where the door is to be placed.

Prepare the place you want to place the door on. You can place it directly on the ground, but it is not recommended that you do so, because the door becomes vulnerable to dirt or damage. It is best to place the door on an old table or on two wooden bases on which both sides of the door are placed.

2- Dismantle the old door

In case you want to paint the old door, you must disassemble it from its place, by following the following method:

Close the door, so that the hinges are flat so that the door can be pulled out.

Using a hammer and screwdriver, knock on the piece of iron (cylindrical shape) that fixes the door in the hinges. The knock should be from the bottom up. Keep knocking until the piece comes out of the sash. Repeat this process for all hinges for the door.

Hire a friend to help you remove the door and carry it to the workplace that has already been prepared.

Place the door on the prepared paint table.

How to paint wooden doors?

3- Save the door, clean it and establish it

Before sealing the door and preparing it for painting, you must loosen the door hands, and any accessories on the door, such as the hanger, or others. In case you do not want it to be loosened, cover it with paper tape well, and make the edge of the adhesive with the edge of the accessories, so that it does not get scratched during drilling, or be stained by the paint during the painting process.

Use a soft sheet of sandpaper to wrap the different parts of the door, the burrs, and the damaged areas. Using rough sandpaper may streak the door.

The door may be dirty or have a little dust or dirt, so clean it with dry cloths, or with suitable drying sheets. Never use water to clean the door, in case the water is absorbed, this will negatively affect the foundation paint or the main paint.

In the event that you find some voids or some cracks, they can be closed with wood putty, put a little bit of putty on cardboard or wooden piece, and use an iron piece to fill in the spaces with putty. After filling, remove the excess paste, flattening it on the surface.

After the paste dries, repeat the dredging and cleaning process.

Repeat the cleaning and cleaning process of the door several times, until you are sure that the door is ready and clean.

Paint the door with the base paint, which in turn will prepare the door for the desired main paint, this process is useful if you want the main paint color to be lighter than before, or the surface of the door is not ready for painting.

Leave the door to dry for at least 24 hours, after which make sure that the door is dry, and wipe its surface with dry cloth from dust if it is present.

4- Door painting process

How to paint wooden doors

Now we come to the final stage, which is painting the door with the desired main color, you just have to follow the following steps:

Use a roller brush, and place it in the paint tray until half of it is covered with paint, and then roll the roller at the end of the can, and submerge it again to cover all its sides, so that it is not saturated with paint.

Start the painting process, by lightly pressing the roller brush on the door and moving it up and down, in case you find the paint has decreased in the brush, re-submerge it with paint, and loosen the paint by moving it on the edge of the box, and then moving it on the door in the same way.

Make your movement one, either vertical or horizontal, do not alter it during the painting process.

Use the standard flat brush to reach the ends that you can reach with the roller brush.

Leave the paint to dry.

Repeat the previous steps for the second side of the door.

After that, you can make another face of the door, which is better to paint the door and reach the pores that you did not reach the first time. Start the process of painting the second face after you are sure that the first face is completely dry.

Leave the door to dry completely before replacing the accessories and putting the door back in place.


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