How do I make my house smell beautiful?

Some housewives are keen to equip their homes in the most beautiful way, so we find women mastering the designs of decorations and buying the latest furniture to make the house a wonderful painting that draws the attention of all guests when inviting them to visit, but elegant home is not limited to the beauty of its assets, but it is also necessary to It must always be clean, and its scent is good, giving visitors a feeling of freshness and happiness, and reflects the fine taste of the owner of the house who pays attention to the delicate details of her home so that everyone can admire and be an example to follow.

Perhaps the fragrant smell of the house has a direct effect on the psychological state of its residents, and it encourages others to visit again because the smell is not visible, but it is considered one of the sensory matters that leave an impression on visitors about the house and its family, and this requires the owner of the house to follow a set of tips to ensure the home smells will stay good and fresh at all times.

Simple home scenting tips

Get rid of dirt and waste first-hand:

by cleaning the house regularly and avoiding leaving the bathroom more than a day without cleaning because it is the first source of bad smell emission in the house, as well as not leaving dirty cooking utensils in the kitchen, and not delaying the removal of daily waste from the house, in addition to cleaning the refrigerator constantly And get rid of any vegetables or spoiled food found in the kitchen.

Washing the curtains periodically:

As the external dust and dirt are often attached to the curtains adjacent to the windows, it may cause an unpleasant smell, so it must be washed from time to time, and there is no objection to putting a little laundry freshener to give the place a clean and sterile scent.

Keeping the house ventilated every morning:

keeping the rooms with their old air gives the place an unpleasant smell, so the rooms must be renewed daily at least twice by opening all the windows.

Avoid smoking inside the house:

It is preferable not to smoke inside the house, and if it occurs, the room must be ventilated to expel the scattered smoke because it will accumulate on the fabrics and the sofa and will not be removed easily.

Cleaning the washing machine from time to time:

This is because the washing machine emits an unpleasant odor over time, so it must be cleaned with water and vinegar to remove this smell that may spread throughout the bathroom or kitchen.

Constantly perfuming the house:

It is preferable to use a uniform fragrance for all rooms of the house because the conflicting smells give an unpleasant smell, and it is desirable to spray sofas, carpets, and curtains with the same fragrance to spread the good smell everywhere and incense can be used to steam the house daily; It refreshes the place with its sweet scent.

Using aromatic candles:

by lighting them up with the evening to scent the house and beautify its shape as well.

Putting fresh air inside the air conditioner:

it will send a fragrant scent all over the place and spread it with the air.

Putting drops of essential oil:

Like lavender oil at the top of the table lamp, and when lit, the oil will evaporate and give the place a beautiful aromatic scent.

Replace chemical air fresheners with natural one

There is nothing more beautiful than sitting on the comfortable sofa after a hard day and enjoying the good scents that fill the air, and most housewives resort to buying chemical air fresheners that will add a beautiful and refreshing scent to the home atmosphere and hide cooking smells, or unpleasant odors that may fill the atmosphere of the house for some reason or For another, but many experts warn of the danger of too much use of these fresheners, especially if there are children at home and in this case the mother resorts to replacing chemical air fresheners with natural fresheners that preserve the health of the children and add a beautiful scent to the home.

Perfuming the house To get the best results

when perfuming the house, the housewife must first take care of the cleanliness of her home and ventilate it on a daily basis by opening the windows every morning, which allows the air to be renewed, and the sun’s rays kill the bacteria that cause bad smell in the atmosphere of the house, and she must also be careful To keep the litter in an airtight locker and take out the garbage bag every evening so that the unpleasant smell of garbage does not spread in the house and overwhelm the smell of perfume.

Natural ways to perfume the house

Collect the peels of fruits that contain volatile fats such as oranges, grapefruit, guava, and lemon, and put them in water, and continue to boil them until the scent fills the house.

Soak cloves, cinnamon, or liquid vanilla in hot water and bring to a boil until it smells delicious throughout the house.

Make use of essential oils such as peppermint oil: by placing it in a water spray with a small amount of water and spraying it in the air when needed. Use one aromatic mixture every time the house is perfumed so that the different aromatic scents do not mix with each other and lose their beauty.

Use scented incense sticks or scented candles: taking care to place them in a high place out of the reach of children to avoid damage.

How to maintain aromatic smells in your home?

In order to make these fragrant smells remain in the home for the longest time possible, it is possible to lower the curtains while leaving the windows open in order to trap the smells inside the house and not leave them from the window openings, and the resulting solution can be put with water spray and sprayed light drops of it on the curtains and carpets, provided that the solution does not contain Oils that cause stains, or by keeping fruit peels and boiled cinnamon sticks in a fragrant paper bag and hanging it next to the window to smell with every breath of air entering the house.


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