Home Maintenance Checklist That Everybody Should Have

We have prepared a list of periodic maintenance with the most facilities that need maintenance and permanent inspection to better maintain them, and achieve the maximum benefit from the job assigned to them, which are as follows:

1- Regular maintenance of walls and ceilings

Walls and ceilings are one of the most important components of the house and their foundations, as it is necessary to maintain the walls and ceilings of the house periodically, by inspecting its various parts for the presence of cracks and cracks, etc. Gross.

Ceilings must also be checked, and that they are free from signs of moisture or water leakage, especially before the winter season, as the process of maintaining them in the winter becomes a cumbersome and difficult process in addition to the failure to achieve the desired results due to the weak effectiveness of the materials used sometimes at low temperatures. And humid climates.

2- Maintenance of doors and windows

Doors and windows must be inspected and cleaned periodically and cleaned, especially the external outlets, as they are the access point to the house, and this is done by lubricating them to get rid of the annoying sounds and painting them periodically. Some people also like to change their seals, or to maintain them in shorter periods, as failure of one of them may cause an annoying problem.

The windows also follow the maintenance process, by inspecting the rails that are used to move them, and the buttons or locks responsible for closing them completely, as well as checking their air leakage and sealing the places of leakage using the necessary materials such as silicone and others, as the leakage of cold air into the room may disturb its temperature balance during winter season.

3- Regular maintenance of electrical appliances and furniture

The most used attachments in the home, as the maintenance of household furniture and electrical appliances periodically extends its life and achieves more practical benefit than its use, and this type of maintenance includes the repair of furniture edges that have been damaged, or scratches and cracks in the material covering the sofa of leather and cloth, Or upholstery and painting operations, etc., in addition to checking the stability of the legs for the seats and tables.

Maintaining the most used electrical appliances in the home, which many people may prefer to take advantage of the purchase contract from the parent company in that if they are under warranty, and this list includes the most used devices such as refrigerators and washing machines, maintenance of air conditioner, electric heating devices and what follows them, as it may cause malfunctions arising from the devices Circuit shortage or burning problems, which damage all parts of the house, and other electrical appliances.

4- Lockers and exterior accessories for homes and extensions

This type of maintenance includes water tanks or water wells, if any, by ensuring that there are no leaks or corrosion in the tank body or the well and repairing them if any, in addition to the process of emptying and cleaning water periodically and adding sterilizers and detergents to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs in them. The process of changing water filters and maintaining the pumps, if any, is also done here.

The maintenance process is followed and inspected by its own extensions to the house, in addition to other plumbing, electricity and gas extensions if any and carefully examined to prevent leakage in them, or their exposure to external factors in the event of corrosion of its insulating layer, which results in high costs of restoration after it is too late.

General advice for regular maintenance

Here is a set of general tips that many people prefer to follow that have proven effective when the time for regular maintenance of their home comes:

During external and internal maintenance operations, especially in places exposed to moisture or cracks, and other things, scatter materials to combat the spread of rodents and insects, as you may reach some dark corners in your home that you may usually lose sight of, so make sure to use the appropriate materials that help you eliminate insects.

Set a monthly or yearly maintenance schedule as needed or according to the areas covered by maintenance in your home, to avoid forgetting it and exposing it to damage.

Carrying out painting or insulation operations and others in the summer and avoiding doing them in the winter season, in order to achieve greater efficiency of the materials used and to ventilate the house properly.


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