How to remove rust from clothes?

On clothes, many people are exposed to the problem of rust forming on clothes, despite not wearing and storing them in the closet, and this problem occurs as a result of the presence of one of the iron and metal buttons or pins on the clothes and they’re staying for a long time without wearing them or inspecting them from time to time, and this problem also occurs when putting The clothes are in the washing machine, so the washing process of these metal buttons leads to rust as a result of their exposure to water, and this problem leads to spoiling the clothes and their appearance inappropriately, so many try to do many means that enable them to solve this problem, in order to avoid losing clothes, especially when they are New and not used for a long time.

So how to remove rust from clothes?

There are many steps and methods that lead to getting rid of rust from clothes and returning them to their normal state, namely:

Natural lemon juice with the sun

Lemon can be used, by bringing half a lemon, working on squeezing it, and putting lemon juice in the place where the rust is, and then we put it under the rays The sun and in a direct way, and leave it for a while until the piece soaks up the lemon and dries completely, and after that, it is necessary to clean and dry the clothes as usual, and the importance of the sun is that it is able to dissolve the rust permanently.

Piece of lemon with iron

Putting a piece of lemon between two pieces of clothes that have signs of rust, and working on ironing it with a hot iron, by repeating this process more than once, until the desired result is reached, taking into account the renewal of the lemon piece several times.

Use dishwasher liquid

Using the liquid that is used to clean the dishes, by putting the required amount of this liquid on the place where the rust spots are, adding a small amount of warm water, and working on rubbing it in a good way, and then doing the cleaning and drying the clothes completely.

Firewater method

Firewater leads to removing rust stains from clothes, by placing a very small amount on the place of the stains, taking into account caution when using it for fear of damaging the hands and eyes, and not putting a large amount, because firewater is a very strong substance that leads to and dissolves Clothing.

Buy a rust remover solution

When all the previous methods are done, and the desired result is not obtained, it is possible to resort to purchasing a solution for removing rust stains from clothes, and this solution is obtained through stores and places for cleaning clothes (dry clean). Attention, knowing that the earlier a person treats this problem, the better result is obtained in getting rid of these spots. Because of such stains over time, it is difficult to get rid of them easily and to avoid this problem at all, the clothes must be checked periodically.

Why sometimes rust stains appear on clothes?

Some people are surprised that some rust stains their clothes without wearing them sometimes, and it may be the result of some iron or copper buttons or keys remaining inside for a long time or washing them without realizing their presence inside, which causes scattered spots to appear on the outer surface of the fabric, which removes its beautiful appearance And the owners resent them, especially if these clothes are new and expensive.

The wearer is confused about how to remove these deep and stubborn stains, as rust stains are considered one of the most difficult stains that must be used special methods to gently remove them from the surface of the clothes in a way that does not cause damage to the piece and lead to its complete damage.

It should be noted that the faster we clean the stain as soon as it occurs, the sooner we can remove it completely, because stubborn stains if we delay removing them for days, it becomes very difficult to deal with.


Some of us may stain the clothes by infecting them with scattered stains of rust, which makes them dirty and prevents us from wearing them and abandoning them forever, even if the piece of clothing is expensive or very much loved by us because rust is one of the stubborn stains that the housewife can remove once Put it in the normal washing machine, it needs special methods of handling it before washing it conventionally. Rust stains may stick to clothes due to the nature of some people’s work in factories or workshops in which iron or copper equipment is used, and rust spots may result from forgetting iron or copper keys or buttons inside the pockets of the piece of clothing for a long time, which leads to the appearance of some spots or lines of rust on The outer surface of the fabric, thus making it lose its beautiful and elegant appearance.


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