Useful tips for designing a living room

The living room is the place most used by family members, and this room usually contains a sofa, chairs, separate tables, a library, light bulbs, carpets, curtains, and other pieces of furniture, and recently the interest in home design has increased, especially the living room where interior designers strive to create distinctive and attractive designs for her and at the same time the design provides comfort and tranquility for family members, here we will give you dear some helpful advice for designing the living room.

First: add your personal touch

Most people fall into the trap of imitation when choosing their home decor designs, and this is what makes the decorations similar, so beware of imitating anyone and try to add your personal touch in choosing the furniture, quality of paint, paintings, antiques, etc., and if you like a hobby such as hunting animals, you can buy a stuffed animal and put it. In the living room, these things will make your home more distinctive and attractive.

Second: Choose appropriate pieces of furniture

The most important thing that you must do so that the living room looks comfortable and attractive is to choose appropriate pieces of furniture with the available space, that is, if the room is small, choose small-sized pieces of furniture to leave some spaces, but if the room is spacious, it is okay to choose sofas and other large pieces of furniture the size.

Third: Decorate the room with wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the basics of home decoration and is available in different shapes, colors, and qualities, but there are types that are preferred to be used in the living room such as vinyl wallpaper, and wallpaper made of plant fibers, choose one of them taking into account the consistency of their colors with the rest of the colors in the room and make sure to buy good quality until It lasts as long as possible.

Fourth: Buy comfortable furniture

The main purpose of the living room is to provide comfort and relaxation for family members while sitting in it, so you should buy comfortable and modern pieces, such as choosing large and flat sofas that you can lie on, and that they are made of excellent quality sponges in order to withstand frequent consumption, and also be careful to choose practical colors and materials For sofas so that they do not get dirty easily.

Fifth: Use hard floors

There are many flooring options where you have parquet, porcelain, ceramics, granite, marble, and traditional tiles, and since the living room should be practical, it is preferable to use ceramic or granite flooring as they are more solid and more resistant to scratching and friction, and do not forget to decorate the floor with carpets made of The wool color matches the color of the furniture and overall decor.

Sixth: Distribute the accessory carefully

Experts prefer that the number of accessories in the living room should not exceed 4 pieces because the large number of them creates a feeling of crowding and dispersion, so you can distribute in the room two candlesticks that you put on the same level, a plate that you hang at a height of 160 meters, some photographs of family members, and appropriate curtains with color and patterns Furniture.

Seventh: Use the help of wall paint

If you are someone who prefers to paint the walls over decorating them with paper, be sure to choose light colors such as cyan, white and beige, as they give a feeling of activity, vitality, and relaxation give an illusory sense of the size of the space, as for the dark colors are not preferred to be used in the living room and make sure that the color of paint matches the color of the furniture.

Final words

The living room is the room in which we make our unforgettable memories that’s why it should be more comfortable and relaxing in the first place, so please be sure to use our previous tips in order to choose a suitable decor for the living room in your house. For more home decorating tips, you can browse some interesting articles on our website. Also, in case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you, Goodbye, and see you on the other side.


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