How to properly decorate your home?

Home decoration is indeed very thoughtful. The interior design, purchase of materials, and additional furniture must be carefully arranged in order to turn the home into a beautiful and comfortable home with smart functions.

1. Conceive home design

Before looking for a decorator, you first have a blueprint in your mind. You can find inspiration on different home furnishing websites, and then discuss with the decorator how to implement the concept, and you can provide more online pictures for the master’s reference.

If you have great requirements for color matching, look for an interior design company to give advice, such as the aesthetic style of the home and how to add furniture. The designer will draw a floor plan for the master to refer to when constructing. This requires an additional fee of $2,500 to $7,500 for the design Teacher, the charge depends on the designer’s qualifications and the size of the unit. If you want to save the cost of finding a designer, you have to spend a lot of time choosing colors and decorations.

2. Avoid changes

The process of planning and decoration is very important. After the idea is completed, the master should make a decision. Don’t keep changing the requirements after the master starts. Otherwise, you will need to add money while making changes, which will delay the completion date.

3. Pay attention to decoration materials

Whether it is refurbishing walls or floors, ceramic tiles are required, which is an indispensable part of home decoration.

Generally, people think that the quality of tiles produced in Europe is better, but in fact, European tiles and Chinese tiles only differ in pattern technology, that is, style and design. The place of origin has a non-critical impact on their quality. You should pay more attention to the goodwill of the ceramic tile shop so that there is at least after-sales service if there is a problem.

When choosing ceramic tiles, you should pay attention to the pattern of the tile surface to be delicate, realistic, and natural, and there should be no obvious defects such as lack of color, broken lines, misalignment, etc., and check whether there are cracks, pinholes, scratches, breakages, missing corners, etc. on the tiles problem.

In addition, pay attention to whether the tiles are non-slip, so as to prevent family members from accidentally slipping, so you should purchase tiles with non-slip standards. The most commonly used in Hong Kong is the German standard (DIN Standard Ramp Testing), which is divided into 5 grades from R9 to R13. R9 has the lowest anti-slip degree, but it already meets the needs of general households.

4. Furnishing materials and home-style matching

In addition to the cost of renovation, which is an important expenditure, the replacement of the entire house’s furniture also requires a lot of budget and a lot of attention. Take the purchase of sofas as an example. Sofas are divided into two categories: cloth and leather. If the home style is relatively simple, cloth sofas are suitable. When purchasing, choose a darker sofa, which is more durable and stain-resistant, or some The fabric cover of the style is removable and washable.

If the home style is more expensive, you can buy a leather sofa to add a sense of fashion, but daily maintenance may take time, and you need to avoid being scratched by sharp objects. If you find it is stained, you should clean it with a leather cleaner before drying. Wipe dry with a towel and wait for it to dry completely before taking care of it with a protective agent.

5. Use up your home space

There are many small units in Hong Kong, so you need to pay attention to furnishings when decorating to make a more practical space. For example, in the bedroom, you can steal the wall space and put the closet. As for the bed, choose the traditional drawer storage bed. Under the mattress is a side drawer to store household items. Because the drawer is tightly sealed, there are fewer items. Chances are wet.

Or add a desk at the window sill, or place a bookshelf, and set up storage cabinets in the extension below. If you have children at home, you can consider converting the window sill into a children’s bed to increase the indoor activity space.

In order to make the size of the furniture more in line with actual needs, it will be safer to spend money on ordering. In order to save costs, some people will go to mainland China to place an order, but be careful when you run into a black shop and sell low-quality furniture. You can first find out which furniture shop in the Mainland the Hong Kong decorator patronizes. This reflects that the shop is more reliable, and it often does business with Hong Kong people and is easier to communicate with.

6. Smart home facilitates life

In addition to beautiful and practical furniture, you can also consider buying smart home products to add taste and more convenience. For example, when buying lamps, you can consider smart bulbs, which can change the color of the light at will, or you can control the light switch through your mobile phone.

Or install a smart door lock and use Bluetooth technology to open the door with a mobile phone. There is no need to worry about whether you will go out with a key. Even when a visitor comes, you can sit on the sofa and use your mobile phone to open the door remotely.

However, the design of a smart home needs to pay attention to network security to avoid hackers. It is more convenient to change the password preset on the device by the manufacturer to ensure that the device can be used safely. The length of the password is as long as possible, and the size should be mixed. Regular letters, numbers, and symbols are harder to be deciphered.


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