Helpful tips for choosing suitable wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the most important elements added to the decor, as it is a choice that enriches the home and gives it elegance, luxury, and vitality, which keeps us away from painting walls and traditional stucco designs, but the process of choosing it requires great accuracy, as there are poor paper qualities that quickly yellow and tear, and choosing the right paper for the home is subject to several calculations Dear, if you want to decorate your home with wallpaper, continue reading the article. We will give you some instructions that will help you choose what is suitable.

What this the Wallpaper?

wallpaper is a decorative paper used for interior wall covering in a home or office, consisting of materials, synthetic fibers, and wood chips. The wallpaper is used by sticking it on the walls using an adhesive paste that helps the paper stick to the wall. The wallpaper is sold as large rolling pages of various lengths.

How to choose the wallpaper?

1- Choose wallpaper with a practical design:

When you choose wallpaper, try to have a practical design, such as a light color, such as sugar wallpaper or white or beige wallpaper, and its surface contains soft patterns of the same color but a little darker, this design will last for a long time and you will not have to change it even if you decide to change Your home furniture more than once.

2- Buy good quality paper:

Do not be deceived by the cheap paper prices, as they do not last for a long time, as defects quickly appear on its surface, peeling and cracking, so it is better for you to buy quality paper of high quality, and it is preferable to buy it of a quality that can be removed without damaging the paint underneath.

3- Take into account the size of your home’s rooms:

Buy light-colored paper without any frills or that contains very soft decorations for a small room because it gives the viewer an illusory sense of spaciousness, and on the contrary, if the rooms are large, you can choose a darker paper color with large patterns.

4- It is preferable to choose a type of vinyl paper:

One of the best types of paper made of vinyl is a layer coated with a thick paper made of linen, this type of paper can be cleaned easily without fear of tearing it or exposing it to yellowing, and it can be used in any homeroom, especially the living room.

5- Avoid placing the paper in damp and sunny places:

Despite the good materials that are used in the manufacture of wallpaper, it is preferable not to put it in the possibility that it is exposed to strong sunlight because it causes the color to fade and the heat causes cracks in the paper, and you should avoid sticking it in kitchens and bathrooms because moisture causes paper damage quickly.

6- Think in advance how you will cover the walls with paper:

Some like to cover all the walls of the house with paper. Here they prefer to choose classic paper to do this, but if you want to cover one wall of the room, choose paper that contains bold geometric patterns, but if you want to cover the ceiling, it is better to choose square or tin paper, it stands out. Classic shade.

7- Choose light wallpaper in hallways:

Usually, the paths separating the rooms between the rooms are narrow, so be sure to choose light-colored wallpaper as a white wallpaper, in order to give a sense of breadth, with the possibility of using longitudinal patterns to give a range of the ceiling, and it is okay to use wallpaper with large and striking patterns in the entrance to the house.

8- Choose a color that matches the rest of the room’s colors:

Wallpaper adds elegance to the home decor, but on condition that you choose its color that matches the color of the furniture, panels, accessories, curtains, carpets, and floors, as well as the engravings on the paper must be appropriate with the general decor of the house.

7 Supplementary Tips For Choosing Suitable Wallpaper

First tip:

Before you go to buy wallpaper, you should search through the Internet, magazines, and decoration books for the places where the paper is preferred, what are the methods used for the gluing process, what are shapes available, the colors available in the market, and what are the latest fashion regarding the quality of paper, after If you do this research, then you can make the decision to buy wallpaper that will suit your home.

Second tip:

During the search process, you will notice that there are many types of wallpaper, there are high-quality, medium-quality and poor-quality paper, beware of buying the latter because cracks will appear on it after a short period of time and this will make you have to exchange it and spend more money, so we recommend that you buy the best types of paper available In the market so that it remains for many years without showing any defects.

Third tip:

Buying wallpaper is somewhat expensive and the process of attaching and removing it is difficult and requires a lot of effort, so before deciding to finally buy what you need of paper buy a small piece of the same type and stick it on a part of the wall to make sure that it fits with the general decor of the room and how well it matches With furniture and accessory color.

Fourth tip:

There are several points that you must take into account when choosing wallpaper, the first of which is the color and shape of the paper, for example, if the rooms of your house are small in size, it is preferable to choose light colors for wallpaper and the patterns that decorate it are very small and drawn vertically, this will give an illusory sense of the large space, but in the event that The rooms in your house are large and spacious. You can choose wallpaper with bold colors and patterns.

Fifth tip:

There is a basic rule that you must take into account when choosing wallpaper for your home, which is if the general decoration of your home is classic, choose smooth smooth wallpaper, but if it is more modern and modern, you can choose geometric patterns in bold colors in proportion to the size of the rooms and the color of the furniture, but if the design of your home is Asian Choose colored, photographic wallpaper or materials such as wood or stone.

Sixth tip:

In the past, paper covered all the interior walls of the rooms, but today the matter is different, as the paper has become part of the general decor, meaning parts of the room walls are decorated with it, such as columns or a shoulder wall next to the door, while the rest of the walls are painted with paint that matches the color of the paper, this method is decorated Add vitality and freshness to the overall decor of the home.

Seventh tip:

Even if you have knowledge of wallpapering, be careful not to do this process on your own, because it is a difficult task that requires several people to do, so ask for help from the store that sells it until an expert team comes to glue and install it, and be sure to clean the paper with a special material called vinyl.

If you want, dear, to keep pace with the fashion for decorating your home with wallpaper, use the previous tips, as they will help you in the process of choosing the right paper for your home.


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