The proper ways to clean the entire house from dust

The proper ways to clean the entire house from dust

The accumulation of dust in homes is an annoying problem for many housewives, despite the daily cleaning of it, but it returns to accumulate all over the house, which requires practical ways to deal with it, because it causes many health problems, according to a study conducted at the Institute Milkkin Public Health in Washington, it is not just particles of dirt, pollen, animal dander, or skin cells, but it contains forty-five toxic chemicals that accumulate due to the presence of these toxic substances in the home, as is toxic phthalates in some types of plastics, And electronic devices, vinyl floors, phenols used in the production of some cleaning materials, and flame retardants found in some types of furniture.

Clean rooms from dust

Before starting to clean the dust from the rooms of the house, it is necessary to perform some basic tasks and equipment to carry out this process to the fullest, as follows:

Get rid of the clutter in the rooms and all over the house to facilitate the process of dusting, by getting rid of the things on the tables, floors, or chairs and collecting them in one place.

Cleaning one room at a time, to facilitate the mechanism of work, with the necessity not to move room furniture to another room unless it is completely cleaned of dust as well.

Keeping pieces of cloth, pillows, linens, and carpets out of the room, as this helps protect it from capturing more dust in the room, with the need to shake it well before removing it, to reduce the dust stuck on its surface as much as possible.

Hit the pillows with each other hard to get the dust out, as this helps to get the dust out for long periods of time.

Wash fabrics, linens, pillowcases, and vacuum clean carpets before returning them to the room.

Changing the air filter in air conditioners, and replacing it with new ones helps to retain the dust in the room air, and the matter applies to the vacuum cleaner, as it is necessary to clean or change the vacuum cleaner filter regularly, this prevents the diffusion of fine dust particles in the air, and it helps To pull larger amounts of dust to be cleaned from the room.

Clean walls and ceilings from dust

Walls and ceilings can be cleaned of dust on a daily basis, whether the walls are painted, covered with tiles, or gypsum, as follows:

Wear rubber gloves to protect hands from the effects of cleaning materials, and open windows for ventilation while working.

Mix half a cup of vinegar with a quarter cup of baking soda, and a cup of raw ammonia with four liters of water.

Dipping a sponge in the mixture, and cleaning the walls and ceilings painted in them, and if the walls are rough, it is preferable to use nylon socks or cotton socks instead of the sponge, because they will not tear, and leave residues that are difficult to remove from the surface during cleaning.

Wash the ceiling and walls with clean water, then dry them with a towel or a dry cloth.

The proper ways to clean the entire house from dust

Antiques cleaning

Antiques, vases, and carvings can be cleaned with a regular brush or a fine makeup brush, to facilitate access to narrow corners and small zigzags, and then wipe with a dry microfiber cloth.

Cleaning cloth baby dolls

Cloth dolls or bears can be cleaned from dust in a simple way, by following these steps:

Put all the dolls in a large plastic bag.

Put a cup of baking soda, then close the mouth of the bag tightly.

Shake the bag several times, to draw out the dust and dirt stuck on the dolls.

Remove the dolls from the bag one by one, then clean them of baking soda residue using a brush.

Clean up the library

Dust accumulates a lot on books and the corners of the library. Therefore, it is recommended to clean them three to four times a month. as follows:

Take books off shelves and place them on the side.

Clean the shelves with a soft brush, starting at the top shelf, towards the bottom.

Wipe the back of the shelves with a microfiber cloth dampened in water.

Clean books from dust with a rag, then rearrange them on the shelves again.

Cleaning plants from dust

Plants are one of the most common elements in the home that capture dust, especially if their leaves are flat and wide, so the leaves of plants can be cleaned with a cloth dampened with water, to remove dust from the pores of plants, to breathe in a healthy way.

Leather furniture cleaning

Black tea helps to clean leather furniture from dust and dirt, moisturize it, and increase its shine. How to use it is by following the following steps:

Mix a quarter cup of fermented black tea with half a cup of olive oil, and a quarter cup of white vinegar, and stir until combined together.

Dip a piece of soft cloth in the mixture, then wipe the chairs and leather sofas in it to clean and give it the desired shine.


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