Simple steps to remove sewage odor from the bathroom

Are you facing the problem of the sewer smell in your bathroom? And make you suffer a lot during your shower, or feel embarrassed when you host people in your house and ask to go to the bathroom? Perhaps this problem is one of the stubborn problems that you may not be able to solve sometimes, and continue to exist despite your desperate attempts! There is no problem with that because all this will be a part of the past that will not be repeated, so we will learn how to remove the smell of sewage from the bathroom.

What is the reason for the smell of sewage in the bathroom?

This problem is due to many reasons, and of course, to get to remove the sewer odor from the bathroom you will have to know.

Initially, the problem may lie in the scale of the sewage pipes, with the water coming from the toilet seat back toward the drainer.

Secondly, one of the causes of a bad sewer smell in the bathroom may be the incorrect installation of the pipe, and its inconsistency with the use policy.

Perhaps it is, that the sediments may have collected in the sewer or sewer, which is what causes unpleasant odors to form.

Fourth, with regard to the Arab bathroom chair, not the French, we may find that the problem is caused by its elbow.

How to remove the sewer smell from the bathroom?

1- Eliminate sewer odor from the bathroom with apple cider vinegar

This solution is to fill a cup with apple cider vinegar and then pour it into the sewage streams, and what leads to it, and then refrain from draining the water for at least an hour, and after that period has passed, boil two liters of water and pour it at the same time into the sewer hole.

2- Eliminate sewage odor from the bathroom using disinfectants

As there are many disinfectant products on the market, which are used to remove the smell of sewage from the bathroom, as they contain some chemical compounds that contribute to killing bacteria and some types of fungi in the sewer pipes, and of course you will have to respect the rules of use mentioned on the package, and of course when using all disinfectants, You will have to open all doors and windows and wear masks and gloves to protect yourself.

Sewer cleaning

Sometimes, waste and dirt of different sizes leak into the sewer pipe, and if it is not cleaned and left in its condition, this will cause clogging of the sewer, in addition to the wastewater being trapped in it, and this will automatically cause the emission of unpleasant odors from it and its flood, and since every problem has a solution The solution to this problem is to clean it, with the help of a specialized sewer, and you can do this in another way, which is to use a long tube in a way that is sufficient to reach the place of the blockage, but if this blockage is simple, then there is no harm in using the products for the sewage, as you melt and pour it into it according to the information Available with its cover.

Sewer renewal

The fourth method we will address in this article is to renew the sewage streams. Plastic, as the main component of sewage pipes, can be exposed, like other raw materials, to damage, cracking, and sometimes even breakage, and this will lead to leakage of sewage water that carries odors and dirt. It cannot be tolerated, and of course, it will be important to rely on a specialist in this field to detect the laying of sewage drains throughout the bathroom, repair and replace what is damaged and what is no longer usable.

Be sure to have good ventilation in the bathroom

The bathroom should have good ventilation as well to avoid bad odor problems, and this is done by opening the windows for a few hours daily, and by allowing the sunlight to enter and leak into the bathroom, and air suction devices provide a distinctive addition in this area as well, so you will have to use it if you want more results Positive.


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