8 Ways to Brighten Faded Black Clothing

8 Ways to Brighten Faded Black Clothing

It is normal for clothes to become duller the more they are worn and washed, but does not mean they become faded after acquiring them in a short period of time, and many people often suffer from clothes that become dull especially black ones. Because the dull color appears clearly on it, so in this article, we will discuss some of the methods and procedures that can be applied to fix the black color in clothes and keep them like new for as long as possible.

Black clothes washing instructions to fix their color

The following is a detail of the most important instructions to follow to fix the black color in clothes:

1- Washing clothes when necessary:

No matter how careful you are in dealing with black clothes when washing them, washing a lot leads to fading of their color, so you must make sure that the clothes need to be washed before putting them in the washing machine. Stain the stain with a sponge or rag with detergent instead of washing it, or use a short wash cycle if needed.

2- Reading the clothing label:

Before washing any new piece of clothing, you must check the washing instructions on the label inside the piece, as this label is the best guarantee for washing clothes properly. It determines whether it needs dry cleaning, manual cleaning, or it can be washed in the washing machine, and also determines the temperature that suits it and the type of detergent that can be used, in addition to that, the label shows the appropriate degree of ironing the clothes as well.

3- Sorting clothes:

Washing clothes without taking into account their type and color causes a lot of lint and loss of color, so the first thing that must be determined when sorting clothes for washing is whether they are washed in the washing machine or need dry cleaning, and then the dark colors are separated from the light ones; Because mixing them spoils the two colors, so black clothes become dull and light clothes become opaque, and after separating according to color, it is necessary to separate according to the type of fabric, so it is not good to put fluffy fabrics with soft fabrics, even if they are the same color.

4- Turning clothes inside:

The surface of clothes that are exposed to direct washing in the washing machine is more likely to fade the color due to friction with other clothes, so it is recommended to turn the black clothes on the inner face, taking into account the closure of any buttons or zippers to reduce friction on the outer surface of the clothes, thus preserving the color Black in clothes as long as possible.

8 Ways to Brighten Faded Black Clothing2

5- Using cold water:

It is necessary to fix the color of black clothes, wash them in cold water and set the washing machine settings to a fast and gentle wash cycle; This is because hot and warm water increases the decomposition of colors and the erosion of the tissues of the clothes, and adjusting the washing machine to any other cycle of dirty clothes, for example, increases the friction of the clothes with each other, and thus increases their loss of color. The washer, even if they are all of the same color and type of fabric, it increases the friction of the clothes and the possibility of losing their color and sticking to the lint.

6- Using detergents for black clothes:

While avoiding the use of regular laundry detergents that contain bleaching properties, you must use detergents for black clothes, which many detergent companies have mastered in their production, and it should be noted that the least amount of them should be used. This is because the excessive use of detergents causes the colors of clothes to dull, and it is preferable to use liquid detergents instead of powder. This is because it is more effective in cleaning using cold water, unlike powder, which dissolves only in warm or hot water.

7- Using natural materials with washing:

adding some natural substances besides special detergents can increase the colorfastness in the clothes; You can add half a cup of salt or half a cup of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to the side of washing powder each time, and you can add half a cup of white vinegar with fabric softener. These two ingredients are well-known for their ability to fix color in clothes and prevent it from leaking out.

8- Drying Clothes:

There are two things you should pay attention to when drying black clothes; The first is the need to avoid using the dryer, because the heat causes the color of the clothes to fade, and the second is the need to avoid exposing the clothes to direct sunlight for the same reason as well, and the best solution is to hang them indoors in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.


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