Home Decoration Style Inspiration

It is important for everyone to choose a home style when decorating. A good style choice can add a lot to the decoration of the whole house, but many families don’t know how to choose a style, that’s why I’m here today to introduce you what are the decoration styles of the room? and some things to consider while decorating a room. So If you are interested, let’s get started together.

Modern and simple style

you need to know the first thing is decorated in a minimalist style is not so simple. Simple and clear lines are used to outline complex things and create a comfortable feeling. The simple style created by the simple style, the actual function is very strong, most bedrooms are the most suitable styles.

Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style blue and white tones, with romantic and clever way, in a more comprehensive manner to meet the needs of people, the whole bedroom to create a fantastic atmosphere, ideal for young people to create their own romantic world.

Korean style

In the design of Korean style, you can choose to bedroom designed for normal or heavy-duty models, but in any case, you can create a feminine bedroom. However, when choosing furniture in the bedroom, the style and color need to be fresher. It should be noted that the Korean style is only suitable for large bedrooms.

Chinese wind

Chinese style expresses the delicate and ancient rustic details so that the whole bedroom more fresh and delicate. Designing a screen in the bedroom and then adding classic furniture can double the taste of a Chinese-style room.

American style

American style gives a different kind of romantic. The furniture used, they are mainly dark, which makes the whole room exude an atmosphere and luxurious atmosphere. However, this decoration style requires the bedroom to be larger so that it can be better decorated.

Country style

Friends who like to be close to nature like to make their bedroom into a rustic style, with white as the main color, plus green and blue, so that you can experience the tranquil atmosphere of nature. When choosing bedroom furniture, it is best to focus on the choice of fabrics, which can highlight the country style.

Things to consider while decorating a room

The load-bearing wall cannot be removed

Through the above steps of decorating a new house, I believe my friends have learned it. Of course, we must pay attention to some problems during construction. For example, the bearing wall is the supporting column of the house, and the bearing wall cannot be removed. Under normal conditions, the load-bearing walls are all around the house, so it is no longer possible to drill holes in the walls. If the load-bearing wall is damaged, it will cause wall cracks, and if it is serious, it will endanger the entire house.

The bathroom floor should be inclined and waterproof

 The bathroom is the place with the most water, so waterproofing must be handled properly. First, level the ground and lay the cement, let it stand for 48 hours, and then observe if there is any water leakage. Secondly, the sanitary floor should be inclined so that the water can flow into the sewer to better keep the bathroom dry.

The wire should be made of copper

 Copper wire has good conductivity and is not easy to generate heat, which can effectively avoid fire. Second, the line cannot be directly buried in the wall. A special shell should be used to cover the cable and then buried in the wall, which can also extend the service life of the wire.

Comfort is a priority

 you must consider whether it is comfortable to live in in the future. I believe that many people will strive to make the house taller when conditions permit, which leads to neglect of the comfort of the house. If your house is used to live by yourself, comfort should be the first element of decoration.

The grade of decoration not only depends on whether the materials are high-end or the construction is superb, but also the decoration effect is just right. If it is high-end decoration, blindly use high-grade building materials, and the design is mediocre, and there is no expected effect. Some unique design ideas can be adopted, and some high-end materials can be used for decoration so that the cost will not be too high and the decorative effect will be high-end.

And finally, For more exciting home improvement information and guide, please continue to pay attention to our website. I believe that everyone has their own ideas about the decoration style of the room. So for the choice of style, you must combine your own house and your own budget. I hope these suggestions will be helpful to everyone.


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